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Ancients Communion

Open your eyes and see a blood sky!

24 October 1981
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Well where to start? My name is Juan(or Fernando depending on where you knew me) and I am on a mission. My mission, to point out new stupidities, seek out new worlds and civilizations...to bodly exploit the truths we all shiver to hear. Basically, lets stir some shit up and laugh about it. Life is too short to worry about the crap we worry about. Let's rock.
24, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, action figures, aphex twin, arrested development, audioslave, battlestar galactica, blue man group, c-tec, c.s.i., carnivale, celldweller, cheeseburgers, christian death, cowboy bebop, cradle of filth, criss angel, crossbreed, danzig, dead inside the chrysalis, deadstar assembly, deadsy, death from above 1979, deathstars, devin townsend, diary of dreams, dimmu borgir, dkay.com, dope, dope stars inc., eisbrecher, enigma, enterprise, error, evereve, family guy, fear factory, firefly, front line assembly, futurama, gary numan, genitorturers, ghost machine, godhead, green carnation, green jelly, hanzel und gretyl, harry potter, head control system, hellboy, hellraiser, hellsing, house, interlace, jesu, junius, kasabian, kidneythieves, killing joke, king of the hill, klank, kubrick, lacuna coil, leaves' eyes, london after midnight, lord of the rings, lost, machine head, malcolm in the middle, massive attack, megaherz, mellowdrone, metal gear solid, ministry, moby, mortiis, motograter, movies, mushroomhead, nearly, neil rogers, nevermore, nine inch nails, ohgr, oopmh!, orgy, ozzy osbourne, pain, pantera, peter gabriel, pink floyd, pop will eat itself, porcupine tree, preacher, prison break, psychotica, queens of the stone-age, rammstein, revolting cocks, rikets, rob dougan, rob zombie, robot chicken, scream silence, scum of the earth, sevendust, shadow of the colossus, shocknina, silent hill, silver surfer, sin city, skinny puppy, slayer, smallville, snake river conspiracy, soulfly, south park, star trek, star wars, static-x, stayte, strapping young lad, system of a down, t.v., the birthday massacre, the electric hellfire club, the gathering, the newlydeads, the punisher, the shield, the simpsons, tomahawk, tool, trigun, tv on the radio, tweaker, type o negative, v for vendetta, vampire hunter d, vanishing, vanity beach, vast, video games, west wing, within temptation, wwe, x-men, zeromancer, zone of the enders