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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Subject:Music Mayhem!
Time:3:02 am.
Mood: content.
Time for the July album releases!

How to Destroy Angels - How to Destroy Angels EP: The debut recording from a new project of Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor. This also features his new wife Mariqueen Maandig on vocals and frequent collaborator Attics Ross on production. The music is similar to later day NIN. Lots of industrial bleeps and bloops, heavily fuzzed guitars, and some drifty soundscapes. This isn't as aggressive as NIN though, and Reznor is only hinted at in the background vocals on a few songs. His wife's breathy airy voice is tuned perfectly to the music, and neither one overshadows the other. Worth checking out if your an NIN fan. I look forward to hearing a full length album from this project.
Album picks: The Space In Between, BBB, The Believers, A Drowning

Kidneythieves - Typtofanatic: Kidneythives first album since 2002. They released the album Zerospace back then, got a nice fanbase going, and then split up. Pointlessly. Now after all these years, vocalist Free Dominguez and musician Bruce Sommers are back as if nothing ever happened. This album is a lot more guitar heavy then the industrial based Zerospace, but the songs are tight and rocking and the album is a great, much better then expected return. Hopefully they stick around this time
Album picks: Freaky People, Velveteen, Comets and Violins, Tears on a Page

Dirty Little Rabbits - Dirty Little Rabbits: Debut album from this quirky, spastic rock band. The songs are rabid, nutty rock tunes with swirling organ keyboards. Vocalist Stella K. theatrical, hysterical voice adds to the madness. A lot of the songs are catchy as hell. While it appears too ridiculous on the surface, the album does grow on you once you hear all the in's and outs of what's going on. Good stuff!
Album picks: You Say, Hello, Leave Me Alone, Professional Hit

Project Pitchfork - Continuum Ride: Latest album from darkwave/industrial legends. This album comes only a year after the previous album, but it is actually an improvement. better song structure, more catchy keyboard hooks, and improved songwriting. One of the better albums this band has released in some time.
Album picks: Beholder, Way of the World, Endless Infinity, Full Contact

That was it for July. Nothing coming out in August. Then in September some good stuff shows up, including new Underworld and Mushroomhead albums. Will post thoughts here.
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Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Subject:Music Mayhem!
Time:1:02 am.
Mood: blank.
Due to laziness, I ave not kept this updated! So here goes:

Music releases for June

This month saw the best releases of the year thus far. Here's what I purchased

Edge of Dawn - Anything That Gets You Through the Night: Industrial synth pop band from Germany, this is their second album. The first album, while it received high praise, I thought was a bit repetitive. The same synth sounds were used in each song, just re-arranged. This new album fixes all the complaints I had. The songs are better written, they differ in sound and style, and the overall experience is what seemed to be the goal in the first place. Hopefully album number three will continue this evolution, because it's very much working out.
Album picks: Denial, Lucid Dreams, Stage Fright, Beyond the Gate

Brendan Perry - Ark: Second solo album from the former half of Dead Can Dance. This album sounds pretty much exactly as you'd expect Dead Can Dance to sound if they were still around today. Except of course it's only the male half here. The album is swirling with pop fused down tempo tunes fused with hints of goth rock and a lot of Enigma style ambience. Great stuff, Perry's bombastic voice sounds as good today as it did a decade ago. If there never is a Dead Can Dance reunion, I'd be just as happy if Perry kept up his solo career
album picks: Babylon, Utopia, This Boy, Wintersun

Front Line Assembly - Improvised Electronic Device: Finally, a new FLA album, and it delivers the goods. The album is chalk filled with aggression, angst, and fury. Some nice surprises come into the mix, such as the very danceable first single, and the last song, a full on 8 minute ambient epic which features samples from the movie Moon. Al Jourgenson appears on one of the albums best songs. Endlessly enjoyable, i makes one want another new FLA album almost immediately. One of the best of the year
album picks: Shifting Through the Lens, Angriff, Stupidity, Downfall

Danzig - Deth Red Sabaoth: After 6 long years, blues rocker Glenn Danzig returns with what is his best album since number 4. Sabaoth is a true return to form. It gets rid of the techno sounds that dominated albums 5 and 6, and the murky,, dirgy guitars that dominated the last 2 albums. The album returns Danzig to the classic blues flavored metal and has some of his best written songs in years. it proves he is still very relevant and has a lot of gas left in the tank. his voice also hasn't sounded this strong in nearly a decade. A monster of an album, also one of the very best of the year. Welcome back Glenn.
lbum picks: The Revengeful, On A Wicked Night, Black Candy, Deth Red Moon

Nevermore - the Obsidian Conspiracy; Also LONG overdue, one of the best metal bands in the world return with a new offering. While this isn't as good as their last album, the epic masterpiece This Godless Endeavor, it is the bands most accessible album to date. Features some of the bands most radio friendly songs to date, and still full of the epic sound they are so well known for. Guitarist Jeff Loomis runs through endless riffs which showcase his endless talent, and vocalist Warrell Dane still sounds as great as ever. Another solid, fantastic effort from this brilliant band.
album picks: And the Maiden Spoke, Emptiness Unobstructed, , Without Morals, The Obsidian Conspiracy

I'll post the July releases soon. I'm still waiting for one of them to come in the mail. So soon as I check that out, I'll post thoughts. August is completely empty. There isn't a single new album coming out. But September is going to be massive, with about 8 new albums all coming out. Should be interesting.
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Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Subject:Movie malarkey!
Time:1:34 am.
Mood: amused.
The Crazies - (A-): Tale about a small town that goes into instant chaos after a strange chemical leaks into the water supply and turns it's citizens into crazed killers. Story follows the town sheriff and his wife as they try to escape the town as it's over run with crazies, and the government who has come in and is killing everything in sight. This is kind of like 28 Days Later on a smaller scale, and with a lot more panic. It's a mean, fast paced, clever little survival horror movie. Best part is, it pays equal amounts of attention to character as it does the chaos going on around them, so that you actually give a shit about them and hope for them to make it out alive. The movie is violent, but not ridiculously gory. It doesn't pull any punches though. It has character and is genuinely exciting. Far better than expected and definitely worth seeing.

Predators (B): Predators is a fun, watchable entry into the franchise, although very flawed. It is NOT better than the previous two films. Definitely better than those horrid AVP movies though. The characters in the film are all great. Some die too quickly and without much incident though, which is sad. The Laurence Fishburne character however was a huge disappointment. He didn't really do anything, and he could have been lifted completely out of the movie and nothing would change. He seemed added in just to pad the length of the movie. useless, and a waste of a damn good actor. That time could have been used to develop the already existing characters, or show more Predator action, of which there really isn't all that much until the end. The actual Predators look great, and it's fun seeing them be full on badass again when they are on the screen. The movie is also very open ended, which also bugged me. I much prefer a full on story arc with a closing, unless you already have two or three films already in the can ready to go. No closure bugs the shit out of me. Aside those flaws, the action is great and well shot, the movie is very tense in spots, and it is an enjoyable movie. It just isn't the great badass Predator picture you'd expect it to be. Worth a watch, but it's forgettable. Much like most of the movies this year.

Still nothing worth buying! Again! Next week is the long awaited, and much anticipated new Christopher Nolan movie, INCEPTION. Early reviews have not only been positive, they are raving about it! So it really might just be one of the best things of the year. I sure as shit hope so.
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Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Subject:Movie malarkey!
Time:3:29 am.
Mood: amused.
Toy Story 3: (A+) - As expected, this is by far the best film of the summer as of now. Pixar caps off the Toy Story characters with a hilarious, touching, engaging, often intense and truly bittersweet finale. The ending will definitely bring up tears, but it couldn't have ended better. The brilliance of Pixar is they take into account the people who watched the original movies are now at least 15 years older, and it also takes into account new kids who are growing up with these characters. The balance they pull off in catering to both audiences is stunning, and further proof that Pixar are the most talented group of people on the planet. While this is not Pixar's best film, it is still immensely enjoyable, and a masterpiece. This will be one of the top films of the year. A must see.

Invictus: (B-) - Based on a true story of Nelson Mandela using Rugby world tournament to unite a heavily divided Africa. Morgan Freeman does a stunning, pitch perfect as Mandela and truly vanishes into the role. He's the best part of this movie. Clint Eastwood directed this, and he's a surprisingly a bit sloppy here. The editing of this movie got away from him. Far too many random scenes. How the tournament unites the nation is almost glossed over. It's as if Eastwood didn't know where exactly to focus the movie. Whether to make Mandela the focus, or the rugby tournament. Or Matt Damon as the team leader trying to get his team in focus. So he tries to balance all three and comes up a bit short. Also, Rugby simply isn't a visually appealing game, so watching the matches becomes tedious. It's worth a watch, and Freeman's performance is captivating.

Bronson: (B-): Much like Invictus, this movie is worth a watch mainly to see some fantastic acting from it's lead star. In this case, it's up and coming British actor Tom Hardy. Bronson is the story of Charlie Bronson, the most famous prisoner in England. He has been incarcerated in solitary confiment for most of his adult life. A violent, nearly insane sociopath, Bronson dreamed of becoming famous, and in a way he accomplished it, making prison's his stage. The film's main problem is we never truly get a sense of the crimes Bronson did. They are all glossed over. The movie instead focuses on Charlie Bronson's psychosis. Showing a lunatic as an alter ego. It would be a complete waste of a movie if not for Hardy's ferocious, erratic, unpredictable performance. It's literally a character you can't take your eyes off of because you NEVER know what he is going to do. unfortunately the movie veers a little too deeply into psycho territory, to the point where there is no real cohesive narrative. I think the movie should have been more balanced between being a standard biopic, while exploring the man's insanity. In the end, you remember little else of the movie aside Tom Hardy's brilliant performance. He alone is worth watching this for. He's also been cast as the new Mad Max. Because of that, it's a remake I now fully welcome and anticipate seeing.
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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Subject:It's a bland summer...
Time:2:49 am.
Mood: annoyed.
There is a massive problem that plagues the movies of this summer. Only ONE movie I have seen this summer warrants a purchase. That would be Iron Man 2, and that's only for collections sake. Iron Man 2 must also be counted as a below par movie. Not that it was bad! It wasn't! It's been the best thing I have seen so far this summer. But at the end of the day, it was NOT better then part 1, it did not improve on part 1. The problem with Iron Man 2 is that it was largely without a proper story arc, and it was muddled during it's entire middle sequence. The movie is basically trying to buy up time in between the first attack from Mickey Rourke's character, and his second attack towards the end. The reason the movie is still good and well worth seeing is due to the cast. This is a movie saved completely by it's brilliant cast. Every actor in the film radiates charisma and confidence and each one is fascinating to watch, especially when interacting with eachother. Even the beautiful, and stale Scarlett Johansson pulls off a fantastic, scene stealing performance. Then of course there is Robert Downey Jr. who is a walking ball of charisma. He is not capable of ever being boring. So the cast saved Iron Man 2, It remains the best movie of the summer thus far, but it could EASILY be toppled. The fact that it hasn't been is proof perfect of how shitty this summer is.

Robin Hood was a nicely made film, however it is largely pointless. The origin of Robin Hood simply is not nearly as interesting as his life during Robin Hood. You can feel this at the very end when he actually becomes Robin Hood, and the movie feels as if its just about to begin...only to end. Prince of Persia is a well done, fun video game movie, but it offers nothing new or worth running out of your house to go see. It's worth a rental. My thoughts on The A-Team you can read below. Again, not worth the theatrical trip. This has been the problem. There is simply NOTHING worth leaving the house to see. I go because I live exactly next door to a theater, I have nothing else to do, and it's relatively cheap. Plus I am a movie buff, my curiosity is more then enough sometimes. I have only seen THREE movies this year that I will purchase, and only ONE o fthem is because I absolutely LOVED the movie. Iron Man 2 I am buying because it was good enough to fill out the collection and stand next it Iron man. How to Train You Dragon I am buying regardless for my nephew. I am hoping the blu-ray comes in a combo back with the standard DVD. Mind you, it was a beautiful movie, and well worth owning, so I wont feel bad at all buying it. Kick-Ass is BY FAR the best film i have seen this year. It is the ONLY movie I have seen this entire year where I have walked out of the theater completely satisfied and literally jumping up and down over how excellent it was. I had that reaction at least 10 times last year walking out of a theater. This year, just Kick-Ass.

The problem is this summer is stuffed with sequels and worst of all remakes and reboots of things nobody wanted to even see rebooted or remade. The Karate Kid remake is actually a hit movie, and that's mainly because it marketed itself towards the YOUNG audience, rather than adults who grew up on the original. Very wise, seeing as the younger crowd has likely never seen the original. The trailers also wisely made the movie look more serious than it probably is. Still, I DID grow up with the original, and a remake doesn't interest me. I'll netflix it.But it's an unexpected hit for hollywood, and EVERYTHING else, including Iron Man 2, has fallen well short of expectations. Hell, most of them, except for Iron Man 2 and Shrek 4, can even be considered flops, since they didn't even reach production costs. It's just a boring ass summer without anything that anybody really wants to see.

This weekend should change that, at least for a week. Toy Story 3 is coming out. Yes a sequel, but it's Pixar and they have a perfect track record. Plus, they wisely took into account the fact that the people who grew up with the original are now adults, so they balanced the story to appeal to both that crowd, as well as children. Given the early reviews, all of which are raving about how good the movie is, Toy Story 3 seems to be the first film of the summer that beats out expectations. Then it's back to blandness, at least until Inception comes out.

Inception is the latest film from Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. This movie is getting huge hype and positive buzz. Why? Because it is the ONLY film coming out this summer, literally the ONLY one, that looks ORIGINAL. Mind you, it looks outstanding. But the fact that it isn't a sequel or a reboot or remake of anything has people giddy about it. That's how bad shit is this year.

The only other gems due out this summer appear to be Predators, This one spearheaded by Robert Rodriguez, who decided to make a flat out sequel to the previous movies instead of erasing them and starting over. In this movie, a group of human mercenaries, soldiers and killers are kidnapped and dumped on a desolate planet, only to be hunted by various Predators. It looks dark, gritty, and seems to capture what made the original Predator movies so much fun. Also to watch for, The Expendables. A greatest hits collection of aging action stars all stuffed into one movie. This looks to do right what the A-Team couldn't. Instill some originality in the brainless material.

Other then those, there are no sure things. There are no films worth running out of the house for, and there is nothing left that I wont go see only due to boredom and curiosity. That's sad, 4 movies. Out of the entire summer, only 4 movies that I REALLY give a shit about. This time last year, I had 4 of the best movies of the year already watched, and plenty more left to come, including the brilliant District 9 and Inglorious Basterds.

Terrible, terrible summer. Next Year seems to be shaping up to have the OPPOSITE problem. Too many things stuffed all around each other, and all promising to be huge, bang for your buck movies. This includes two Marvel hero movies, a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, an X-Men prequel, a Planet of the apes prequel, a new alien romp from J.J. Abrams, another fast and the furious movie, the long awaited Green Lantern movie, sequels to The Hangover and Transformers,and Pixar's Cars 2. ALL of these come out within 2 months. Literally. ALL OF THEM come out between May and June. The fascinating thing wont be the movies, it will be seeing which ones are hits, and which ones crash and burn due to overpopulation of supposed blockbusters. Of this, I want to see the two Marvel films, Thor and Captain America. I have really enjoyed what Marvel has done with it's own properties since making the movies themselves, and the set up they got going for the Avengers movie is actually working out FAR better then I expected. Thor especially seems like an interesting movie. the X-Men prequel I ONLY give a shit about because it is surrounded by quality. Original X-men director Bryan Singer came back and re-wrote the story, so that it focused exclusively on how Xavier and Magneto met, became friends, then become rivals, as opposed to the original story where it was Twilight with mutants. He isn't directing though, KICK-ASS director Matthew Vaughn is. That alone guarantees it goes in my top ten must see movies of next year. Now let's see how FOX ruins it! Cars 2 of course I want to see. Green Lantern seems interesting only because its the first time Warner Bros. can make a movie out of a DC comics character that isn't named Superman or Batman. The Hangover 2 I'll see, same with Transformers 3, even though the second one nearly ruined my brain, The last Harry Potter film also comes out that summer, but it's in mid July and not surrounded by this chaos. The Abrams alien movie will probably be the only original thing hitting that summer, so i'll see it. I have little to no interest in anything else including another tired Pirates movie. The third one was nearly unwatchable. So that's that. It will AT LEAST be a more eventful summer then this horrid one. I'm just counting down the days until Inception comes out. Then I'll just stop counting cause that'll be it for this summer. Hopefully it's good, but given it's current competition, it won't even have to try that hard at all.
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Time:2:47 am.
Mood: blah.
The A-Team (B): Plotless, brainless, completely devoid of logic or reality, and fully embracing of it's own nonsense, The A-Team is one of those movies that doesn't give a shit. It's just there to be ridiculous and brainlessly entertaining for 2 hours of your life. It asks nothing of you and gives you nothing in return except pure escapism. The movie is basically one massive action sequence after another. The characters are all entertaining and bigger then life. Sharlto Copley(District 9) absolutely steals the movie as Howlin' Mad Murdoch, playing the character as an absolute certifiable lunatic. His insane, unpredictable and hysterical nature make him fascinating to watch, and Copley never lets you in on any hint of what the character will do or say next. The rest of the cast, which includes Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Quentin Jackson are all great too, but they are more one note that Copley. He is almost worth the full price of admission alone. Main problem with movies like this, is they are only ever really worth a netflix rental on a lazy Saturday or at a group event. Aside from Copley's character, it's not really anything you haven't seen before. But it is fun and entertaining. So rent it. Definitely rent it and shut your brain of and just laugh at the insanity. Theater viewing is not required though.
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Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Subject:Movie madness!
Time:2:07 am.
Mood: blank.
Robin Hood - (B+): Director Ridley Scott's new take on a very familiar legend. Except this doesn't take place during the time where Robin Hood was actually Robin Hood. This film is about the events that led Robin Hood into becoming the Robin Hood of legend. A prequel story. The main basic problem with this movie is that feels kind of pointless. It would be one thing if the movie championed itself as being strictly about how Robin hood was created, but it kind of doesn't. How he comes Robin hood is actually rushed through at the end of the iflm, and the rest of the build up just isn't there. This is more of a story of a brave man doing something brave. It mostly resembles Scott's brilliant Kingdom of Heaven, but nowhere near as good as that one. And i mean the director's cut of King of Heaven, not the butchered theatrical cut. So the movie doesn;t really stand well on it's own, and when it ends, it literally BEGS for a sequel. As a result, it feels a bit incomplete. Still, the story told within is actually a good one, and the plot which ont he surface seems warped and tangles, actually makes perfect sense. All of the actors are great, including Russell Crowe as the title character.. Fightin' round the world! he battle sequences are of course huge and epic in scale, and Scott knows how to film them with precision and skill. It's an entertaining, well worth seeing film. but without a sequel, it just feels incomplete and pointless. Worthy of a netflix rental, or see it in the theater if your in need to see something.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - (B) A large scale, big budget video game adaptation. It turns out as well as you could expect. It isn't the instant classic Disney was clearly hoping it would be, like Pirates of the Caribbean was, but it's a really fun fantasy adventure flick. Main problem is the script is rather trite, and has a been there seen that feeling to it, and the editing is very choppy in places. Scene's just jump into one another without warning. The action sequences are well done though, and the actors are all game, especially Jake Gyllenhaal who does a much better then expected performance. It's a purely entertaining fantasy flick, doesn't require any brain power and it doesn't offend any of the senses. Good for a bored Sunday afternoon.

The Road - (B-): Tale about a post apocalyptic world where a father and son travel trying to reach the coast while avoiding cannibals all along the streets. It sounds more exciting then it actually is. This movie's main problem is that most of it's scenes tend to be rather pointless. There is also essentially no plot what so ever. The movie is basically about the relationship between the father and his child, but it is simply overshadowed by the epic scale background. The horrors of what the world has become are only shown fleetingly and when necessary. The cannibals for instance. They come and go too quickly to ever pose real tension. The movie tries desperately to connect on an emotional level but it doesn't;t really quite reach it, which makes the ending less impactful then it should have been. I think more of a focus on the struggle to stay alive, how they manage it, and how desperate things are would have been better. The movie only ever touches on all these things, never focuses on them. The acting is superb, especially by Viggo Mortenson, and the movie looks spectacular. The desolate, and realistic view of a ruined world is horrific to behold. Definitely worth a watch, but it isn't a feel good movie at all. So be in the right mind set.
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Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Subject:Music Malarkey!
Time:3:48 am.
Mood: content.
Here is this month's round up in new music!

Soulfly - Omen: Album number 7 for metal legend Max Cavalera's Soulfly. Funny, the older Max gets the more ferocious his music is becoming. Omen is by far the band's tightest, most direct to the point offering yet. Clocking it as just over 40 minutes, the album is start to finish mayhem, with no slow down ins ight until the very last song, "Soulfly 7", a traditional self titled mellow output to close the album off. The more familiar aspects of Soulfly, such as tribal instruments and world music flourishes are still intact, though they are spread thin in favor of a more thrash sound. More then plenty of riffs are found, which dominate the album. This is a fast, brutal, intense offering and it shows Cavalera still has years left in him and he is not interested in slowing down one bit. Only complaint I have is Soulfly seems to be slowing down on the tribal element that made them so unique. It's mostly all thrash metal now. Still, this one has more tribal flourishes than the previous album did. This is why Dark Ages remains my favorite Soulfly album, as it was the most perfectly balanced of the lot. Still, this is a good wild effort and it's well worth owning.
Album picks: Kingdom, Rise of the Fallen, Vulture Culture, Counter Sabotage

Unkle - Where Did the Night Fall: 4th album from British DJ/producer James Lavelle and Pablo Clements. Unkle originally started as a trip-hop band, who fused trip-hop musical styling's to other genre's. First album for instance leaned more toward hip hop. Second album leaned toward electronica. Third album was a rock album, and this new one is a mixture of their traditional trip-hop fused with psychedelic rock. For that reason alone Unkle doesn't have one set sound, as it purposely changes with each album. There are also always guest vocalists on almost every song. The results are always a bit strange at first, but upon further inspection you can hear what they were going for. The songs on here tend to vary greatly from each other in terms of sound, only keeping a faint hint of similarity, which at first can feel like the album doesn't flow properly. But when you figure this was intentional, it starts to make sense. It's a good album, makes for an entertaining listen. Leaves me wondering what style they'll try to fuse with next time around.
Album Picks: Caged Bird, Joy Factory, Ablivion, Another Night Out

Pendulum - Immersion: We come to the cream of the crop now, not just for this month, but for the year. Pendulum's third album at first seems like it's going to ignore the more rock flavored sound heard on the second album and go directly back to the pure, flat out drum and bass of the first album. This is not so, which becomes clear on the third song, and first single, Watercolour. What the band has done here is essentially tried to please everyone. There were those who thought the second album didn't have enough drum and bass on it in favor of a more rock sound. And of course you had a whole host of new fans who preferred this sound. What the band has done here is simply expand the sound to new heights. Band leader and primary song writer Rob Swire doesn't seem interested in settling on a specific sounds and instead plays with it, all while keeping everything familiar. This album sounds exactly as a Pendulum album should sound, and yet it is obvious the sound has grown and expanded. The songs flow smoothly into eachother and come at you in a rapid pace, there is barely a slow down moment to be found. It;s one of those albums you can listen to from start to finish and never get bored once or find yourself skipping a track.
Also some amusing guests on this album. Liam Howlett of The Prodigy appears one of the albums best tracks. there's a duet with black metal band In Flames, and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree appears on another song. Pendulum's ability to evolve their sound without sacrificing everything that makes them unique is something to be admired, as most electronica acts can't seem to manage this. By sticking to what he knows and simply amplifying it, Rob Swire has created an album which is destined to make Pendulum even more popular then they are now. It's a stunning album, and it knocked me on my ass on the very first listen, which is extremely rare. This is Swire's master stroke, and he will only get better. One of the best albums of the year by far.
Album Picks: Salt in the Wounds, Watercolour, The Vulture, Immunize

Well that's all for the month of March. It was a rather dry month. But it did produce one truly knockout album. Next month is a lot more active. The new Nevermore album is right around the corner, and from what i have heard, it sounds like an instant classic. Also coming is the much anticipated new Front Line Assembly album, and also the new LONG awaited album from Danzig. That one I am most curious to here. It's been 6 years since Glenn Danzig has put an album out. These three have massive potential to be excellent. Lets see what happens.
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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Subject:Oil, oil everywhere but not a drop to drink!
Time:12:56 am.
Mood: annoyed.
You something keeps bugging me...


I keep hearing this. People yelling and screaming for Obama to DO more about this horrendous oil leak. Gollum here seems to be having a shit fit. My question is sipmple.

What EXACTLY, do people want Obama to do? What EXACTLY, can he do?

I'm not talking about what he did or didn't do before the oil spill, or what he will ro wont do after the oil spill, i am talking about RIGHT NOW. This EXACT moment. What do people want him to do exactly?

The truth is there is nothing, NOTHING he CAN do. The government does not have the technology to plug this leak, only the OIL companies do. That is why BP remains in charge of this shit. The problem is BP doesn't know HOW to fix this, and is just trying whatever best solutions they can come up with. But in the end, they have the tech for it, government doesn't. It's that simple. This leak happened before BP cut corners and did NOT have the fail safe's in place that would prevent this from happening. They didn't have them in place because under George W. Dumbfuck Bush, the regulations that kept these assholes in check were stripped to shit, and Gandhi Obama, ever so fucking afraid of offending republicans and big business, did NOT order them put back into place quickly enough. So this is a failure of both administrations and more importantly BP. But BP are the only ones who can fix this leak.

The media, ALWAYS desperate for conflict, is already trying to call this Obama's Katrina. This even offends ME. Over a THOUSAND people died in that mess, many of them due to the complete incompetence of the Bush administration. Only 11 people have died, all on the oil rig when it blew up, and it was due to BP cutting corners in order to save a buck. This is an example of WHY big business should NEVER be trusted, because they will absolutely do everything they can to save a buck. The problem NOW is this is a horrendous PR mess and they simply cannot afford NOT to plug this leak. So as shitty company as they are, we have to assume they are doing what they can to fix it. And in the meantime, talking heads, the media, cheap ass politicians desperate to score political points, and concern trolls are yelling for Obama to do......something. But that SOMETHING, they cannot say.

"Oh be more of a leader!" And do what? What would you like Obama to do? Summon Aquaman? Would you like him to get in scuba gear, dive down there and stick his penis in the leak? Please DO TELL what you want him to do at this exact moment? because I can't think of shit "Oh he could yell at BP..." And this will accomplish....what exactly? Will it make them plug the hole faster? No. BP will just look at him, and then keep doing what they are doing. "Oh he can call in the Navy!" The NAVY? And what he fuck are THEY going to do? they don't have any technology to plug this! What are they gonna do?Line up all nice in formation and SHOOT AT THE OIL? Get the fuck out of here!

Truth is, there is very little he can do at this exact moment, except go over there and STARE at people. If this country is THAT retarded to define that as leader ship, then by all means, go down there and STARE at people.

It also amuses me to see anti government asshole republicans now DEMAND government do something. I immediately tune them out.

Then there is this:

So people don't approve of the way government and Obama is handling this, and HATE the way BP is handling it, but DONT want government to get more involved and WANT BP to stay in charge.

Once again the American people prove beyond doubt that they are unbelievably stupid and completely incapable of deciding ANYTHING.

You it's sad, and cheap, that at a time like this, all anyone can do is yell, scream, score cheap points, and blame everything in sight instead of being useful. If you want to blame Obama for something, BLAME HIM FOR TRYING TO SUCK REPUBLICAN ASS AND REVERSE HIMSELF TO SUPPORTING OFFSHORE DRILLING A MONTH BEFORE THIS MESS HAPPENED> Obama can kiss my ass for that shit. And he REFUSES to take it back. And where the FUCK are all the clowns who yelled "DRILL, BABY, DRILL" during the election? They have A LOT of fucking balls bitching about this now. Here is what I want. After this is plugged, and we stop the oil from spilling, I want Obama, and EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN PIECE OF SHIT WHO YELLED FOR DRILLING....and The Retard Sarah Palin, to go down there, and scrub clean every single bird and fish that's covered in oil. I don't even care if the animal is dead, I want it SCRUBBED CLEAN. i want so clean I can see my reflection on it! If that doesn't happen, then I will bash people. But I want them ALL scrubbing for supporting this earth killing bullshit.

But as for RIGHT NOW, there is little to NOTHING Obama can do, and people need to grow a fucking brain and realize that. There will be plenty of time to blame, and i am sure the media will look for someone to blame.....WHICH IS TOO FUCKING BAD THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE COCKSUCKING BALLS TO DO SO AFTER 9/11 HIT AND AFTER THE IRAQ WAR WAS BOTCHED, THEY LET BUSH GET AWAY WITH FUCKING MURDER, but that's besides the point. So will Gollum up there please do me a favor, And SHUT THE FUCK UP, or TELL ME EXACTLY what you want him to do RIGHT NOW.

if it were up to me, i'd plug the leak using live bodies. Of people. Gollum would be one of them. Every republican in the house and senate would go too. The Retard Sarah Palin and her derelict baby would also go. Half the democrats. ALL the pundits. Everything that works at Fox News. Everyone involved with lost, Twilight, and Heroes. Everyone from the Bush administration. The heads of all major corporations. And Michael Cole. We just keep stuffing bodies into it until they suck up the oil with their vast and empty heads. Should keep the leak down for a century or two. I wouldn't throw Obama in there though. Definitely not Obama. No he gets to scrub the birds. Alone. Until I can see my reflection.
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Monday, May 24th, 2010

Subject:TV review: 24
Time:11:29 pm.
Mood: content.
Lost wasn't the only thing ending this week. 24 reached it's finale episode, after 8 long seasons. And unlike Lost, which strung it's viewers along for 6 seasons only to answer absolutely none of the mysteries it set up in favor of a cop out emotional final shot stuffed with religious allegory, 24 decided to go out with a brief tribute to it's hero, leaving him alive but drifting in the wind. It ended exactly as it should have ended, and it was an extremely satisfying finale. But it was not an easy road getting there.

24 started off as a high concept show, with a hell of a gimmick. Each episode was one hour in a day in the life of its lead character Jack Bauer, as he tried to stop terrorists, bombs, assassinations and other assorted catastrophe's. The first season debuted with only moderate ratings. Fox, in a rare move, kept the show on for it's full season, which ended with one of the greatest final shots in television history, that of Jack Bauer, after a day of absolute hell, cradling the body of his dead wife. It was a scene you NEVER expected, and at that time, was almost unheard of in network television. It proved the show had balls of steel and would gladly kill off anybody. That final shot is what made the show brilliant, and gave it the hugely positive word of mouth that helped save the show. That word of mouth translated to huge DVD sales of the first season, which convinced Fox to renew it for a second season. The second season debuted to huge ratings, and those ratings helped up all the way though the creative zenith of the show that was season 5, for which the show and actor Kiefer Sutherland won Emmy's for.

Then came season 6. After season 5, there appeared to be nowhere to go but up. The set up was there, the possibilities were endless, and instead, the writers fell back to a nonsensical storyline, lazy writing, and bland cliche's you could see coming a mile away. it was a season so bad, it skewered the shows' ratings, legitimacy, fan base, and popularity. It was a truly terrible season, which even managed to make its always exciting lead character, Jack Bauer, look bored with himself.

The show returned with season 7, which would have been decent enough, if not for the ungodly decision to bring back a character who died 2 seasons before. That stupidity managed to derail the entire season, because it played out as idiotically as you expected, with the zombie character turning from bad to good to bad to good to bad again. It was a season of no importance, and can pretty much be skipped entirely.

At this time rumblings started coming that the show's upcoming 8th season, would be it's last. And lord knows it was time. The show was not stale for 2 seasons and seemed to have nothing left to say. Anyone who need further convincing needed only to look at season 8. The season started off almost completely unwatchable. Every single cliche from the show's past made its way into the first half of the season. There were crazy Arab terrorists, nuclear weapons on the loose, a mole within CTU, a idiot CTU boss who didn't listen to the obvious, torture, a CTU attack, etc. Not only that, it became obvious the writers no longer knew how to stretch the hours, so they kept putting Jack in completely ridiculous situations. It got so bad, I almost stopped watching entirely. I was ONE bad moment away from turning it off entirely.

Then a miracle happened! Fox finally announced the season would be the show's last. And the writers, having suspected it might be, went with their series finale plans. And ONE key episode later, in which a surprisingly exciting hour came to an unexpectedly shocking and tragic end, saved the show. From that episode on, the season managed to turn itself around. It managed to become GOOD again. I never saw it coming. I NEVER expected this terrible season to be able to turn itself around the way it did. But it managed it. This season improved, and the final 4 episodes managed to be the series best shows seen since the 5th season, with Jack Bauer finally cut loose and taking everyone down. The finale tonight managed to perfectly wrap up everything that came about this season, and give a completely satisfying close to the show, with a brilliant final shot that leaves the door open for the planned movie Fox has in the works. Even if there was no movie, the ending just works. 24 just proved tonight that even with a shitty season, a proper ending can be managed. This is something LOST failed miserable at.

So thus end 24. No more weekly adventures for Jack Bauer. But I do await the movie with something I didn't have before, and didn't expect to have when this season started: Anticipation. That accomplishment, is proof that he finale did it's job, and did it well. An unbalanced show managed to pull it off wen it counted. I couldn't be more pleased with that. See you again soon Jack!
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Subject:TV Review: LOST
Time:12:48 am.
Mood: annoyed.
So tonight, after 6 long seasons filled with questions, mysteries, strange happenings, and endless speculation, LOST has come to its finale, and it ends with a WHIMPER. As expected.

When LOST first began, it set up a huge, and extremely intriguing mysteries. A plan crashes on an island. On this island, the sick are healed, the crippled are fixed, a monster roams around roaring and smashing trees, and even killing people, and strange people appear. Who were these people? What was that monster? What exactly was this Island and how did it do the things it did? And what was that Dharma initiative group who seemed to be experimenting on the island? And why on earth were there POLAR BEARS on this island? What was all this, what did it mean?

Six seasons and a final episode later, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE QUESTIONS WAS ANSWERED. What basically followed the brilliant first season was season after season of endless mysteries, questions that never got answered, and just bizarre events that were NEVER explained. What was the importance of the Dharma initiative? That mysteries dominated the show during it's 2nd and 5th seasons, and eventually meant NOTHING and was never explained. The others, the group of people already on the island, dominated the third season, and also meant NOTHING and their motivations were never explained. Why did they kidnap people? What did they do with those people? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM ALL? There were children on the plane, the others took them, and that was that. Never explained why.

In season 4, some of the main characters got OFF the Island, and the journey was to get back ON the island. Those who stayed behind ended up TIME TRAVELING, eventually getting stuck in the 70's in the middle of the dharma initiative which meant nothing. The other characters made it back to the island, also never explained how, they just got on another plane, there was a flash of light, and bam, there they were, ALSO IN THE 70's! How the island moved through time was never explained. They eventually blew up an atomic bomb, which was supposed to set everything straight but didnt.

Then season 6 rolls around, the season that's supposed to answer everything. And absolutely nothing was answered. Nothing. Instead we get introduced to a demigod named Jacob who is protecting the island and keeping the monster, also his evil brother, from escaping it. On this island is a golden pond with a magical light, which is never explained, and Jacob must guard it, and one of the castaways must be his replacement. This is all more ridiculous then it sounds.

Tonight was the final episode, and it pretty much ignored everything that ever happened on this how, including most of this season. In the end of it all, all the characters are dead, shown in purgatory, waiting to go to heaven. The island itself wasn't purgatory, just the sideways world the show kept flashing to during this season. I remember when purgatory was the big theory people had for this show. Funny to see it actually come true in a round about way.

At the end of the day, lost was a show with great potential, brilliantly written and acted characters, which never lived up to what it could have been. The show runners simply through too many mysteries to the wall in acts of desperation and they never had a back up plan to answer any of them. In the end, they just went the cheap old "religious metaphor" route, ala Matrix sequels, and neglected everything that came before it. In essence, the show ends up being a total failure. The show runners never had a plan, despite constantly saying that they did/ They never had a way to answer anything. The fanboys of this show use the excuse "oh do you really need EVERYTHING spelled out for you to make the show good?" Um...YEAH, WHEN IS VITAL TO THE STORY, YEAH! You cant just TOSS things out there like time travel and smoke demons WITHOUT a form of explanation. That's a bullshit excuse and its obviously grasping at straws.

For those curious about watching Lost, don't waste your time. The show is nothing but that, and not in a good way. It just goes to show how aptly titled the show is. Lost. For that is what happened to your time in watching this thing.
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Time:1:05 am.
Mood: anxious.

That. I want that. As most know, my main hobby is collecting movie based action figures. The hobby has been a bit dry over the last 2 years, as most of the big licenses have already been made, leaving not much left to make. Add to that the fact that I am nowhere near as obsessed with it as other geek's who do the same as me. I don't buy full lines, I don't buy everything that comes out. my main interest is a character here and there. So I usually just buy one every few months. Video game figures have been all the rage now. Last thing I bought was a line of Bioshock 2 figures. But THAT right there, i am drooling for. It is considered the last true holy grail of movie figure collectors. The last thing that was once thought could never be made, was always requested, and never delivered. McFarlane toys once tried to release this almost a decade ago, but failed at the last minute due to an argument with the studio. They apparently wanted it to look more like Linda Blair than possessed demon. Enter company Neca, who ended up being able to make this full on demon possessed one by making a separate Reagan figure with full on Linda Blair likeness. They made a figure of a scene, which is only found on the directors cut, where she walks backwards down the stairs imitating a spider. Rather bland, i never bought, preferring this new boxed set. This set was supposed to be released LAST year, but got shelved. Nobody knew why and many assumed it was canceled. But it seems the real reason it was held up is so it could come out the same time as the blu-ray special edition of the movie, both due in October. This thing looks incredible. The damn head spins and it speaks phrases from the film. I can't wait to here exactly what phrases, though I'll piss myself laughing if I hear "YOUR MOTHER SUCKS COCKS IN HELL!". So this is finally coming out, and it looks well worth the wait. Already got the shelf space waiting for this fucker.
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Subject:Movie mayhem!
Time:12:53 am.
Mood: amused.
Iron Man 2 (A+): The much anticipated Tony Stark returns in this sequel to the hugely popular original, picking up after the events of the first one, this one finds Tony Stark dealing with new villains, and his own mortality. Some people are complaining this one is slower than the original. I disagree. This one may only feel it because the first one focused almost entirely on tony Stark building his suit. In this one, it focuses on not just what Stark is doing to try to find a cure to what's killing im, but also the other characters around him. Specifically the villains. The thing that makes these Iron Man movies so good are the actors. plain and simple. The action in these films is nothing new. The story in both films is flimsy at best, just enough to get things going. It is the actors that keep things alive. Robert Downy Jr. is practically made up entirely of charisma, and he is always entertaining. Even just sitting there the guy manages to find a way to suck you into the movie. The villains in the movie, are played brilliantly by Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell, two actors who on thier own make damn near anything entertaining. Gwyneth Paltrow is an excellent rival to Downey Jr. and their endless bickering is always hysterical. Also new to the cast, is Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. She tends to be rather dull in most things. This movie however uses her perfectly, focusing on just how much of a hot ass chick she is. The movie, instead of shying away or ignoring that obvious fact, instead plays it up. She ends up being a scene stealer. Iron man 2, like the first one, is one of those movies you go in just for full on entertainment. There really is nothing deep or profound here. No moral message or anything that will leave you thinking. It's just entertainment for the sake of entertainment. Ont hat level Iron Man 2 is every bit as good as the first one. So if you enjoyed part 1, your almost guaranteed to enjoy part 2. Definitely recommended.
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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Subject:Music Malarkey!
Time:1:47 am.
Mood: calm.
Here's a round up of the latest albums I have purchased or downloaded:

Eisbrecher - Eiszeit. German industrial metal duo's fourth album. This gorup keeps tinkering with it's sound just enough on each album to make them all sound different, while keeping a basic style. It seesm though they are trying to aim for a perfect sound, but haven't gotten there quite yet. Basically its a Rammstein-esque metal sound, with a bit faster pacing and more techno flourishes. This album is most direct and to the point, clocking in at just over 40 minutes in length. Some songs stand out more then others, usually the ones that focus more on electronic elements then standard guitar. Overall, probably the second best album they have put out, their first one still being the best.
Album Picks: Eiszeit, Amok, Gothkiller, Der Hauch Des Lebens

Rikets - All American Death Cult: Hardcore metal band with industrial fourishes debut album. they had previously released an EP in 2005, finally got around to following it up. One of the FEW metal bands that gets my attention these days. The singer has a good balance of shouting and melodic vocal styles, and the industrial touches in the songs really pay off and keep this fresh. There's also a cover of Cry Little Sister, which basically keeps the structure of the song intact, but updates it to a metal sound. best cover of that song I've ever heard. I enjoyed this album a lot more then i expected. hopefully this band can keep [utting out music, and at a faster pace.
Album Picks: Sold Me Out, End of My Suffering, Designer Drug Hell, Cry Little Sister

Stayte - The Two Sisters: Oddball alternative-industrial rock band. You may recognize the two memebers of this band as the lead singer and keyboardist of the latest version of Ministry side project Revolting Cocks. I like this band more then Revco though. Songs are much catchier. The vocalist also has an outstanding vocal range and a very pleasing voice. Hope to hear more of this band in the future, as they are quickly becoming one of my more favored underground bands.
album picks: To Die Alone, The Two Sisters, Shangri-LA, Coming Apart

Sevendust - Cold Day Memory: Eight studio album by Sevendust, and their third best release to date. Instantly more unique and memorable then the past 4 albums. The problem I have with this band is each album sounds identical to the last. It's like they keep writing the same song over and over and over again. I cant name a single song, or remember a single song off the last 3 albums. It's a blur to me. I'd buy an alum, get bored of it quickly, and sell it off. The only ones I have ever kept are the debut album, which is still outstanding, and the third album, which was the last time they toyed with the sound to fantastic results. That album is still considered their best by most fans. This album, thankfully, comes closest to matching it. Usually the songs are a mishmash of metal and melody, often clashing all within the same song. This time, the structure is completely focused. The songs meant to be heavy, punch in the face metal remain as such, and the songs meant to be focus on melody are exactly that. Also, there are no weak links on this album. The songs actually differ from one to the other. This is the result of strong song writing and more attention to detail. It's also full of energy, no misplaced ballads. All the songs rock, and the album is relentless from beginning to end. This album is the first to feature the return of their original guitarist, who left shortly after the 4th album I think it was. It goes to show he was clearly the missing element the band needed, as now back together in their original line up, they have put out their best album in years. This is a Sevendust album I will actually keep.
Album Picks: Forever, Unraveling, Confessions, The End Is Coming

No more releaes for April. May seems a bit light. Only new ones from Unkle, Soulfly, and Pendulum coming. Those should suffice just fine.
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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Subject:Very appropriate film title.
Time:3:14 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Kick-Ass (A+): Kick-Ass is one of those rare movies that actually manages to surprise you with it's creativity, originality, and it's fortitude. One of those movies whose excellence you never see coming. Even after it's begun, the movie is a bit of a slapstick comedy, which then becomes a parody of super hero movies, while attempting to be a super hero movie. But the movie is made by it's characters, all of whom are appealing and fascinating to watch. It's these characters which are the heart of the movie, and they are at the end of it, what make it such a brilliant film. By the middle of the film, it's obvious it is not just a parody of super hero movies, it's something more. It's a story about these characters, and what they're goals are. It's kind of like Zombieland, where Zombieland seemed like a spoof of zombie films but was actually a character driven film just in the context of a zombie movie. That's what Kick-Ass is. It's a character driven film. The super hero stuff is based in a completely real world setting. Characters don't get away with shit they normally do, they get hospitalized, they take damage. The movie for all it's humor, manages to be very, very dark at times. There is real threat to these characters, and it makes you care about what happens to them. The heavy focus on character and the dark themes the movie actually has, as well as the extent of the humor and the gruesome violence and profanity are nowhere to be seen in the films trailers. This movie is almost unmarketable, but once you see it, you see jut how excellent it is. This is destined to be a cult classic. Right now, it's the best film I have seen in 2010 by far. A must see.
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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Subject:Music post!
Time:1:32 am.
Mood: content.
Here's a teaser for the new Nevermore album, The Obsidian Conspiracy. Nevermore is one of the very BEST and most talented metal bands around. Their singer can actually SING and his vocal harmonies create melodies within the songs no instrument can, and the guitarist is one of the most respected and talented on the metal scene. Their last album, This Godless Endeavor was a masterpiece. This one sounds more accessible so far, but with all the highlights that make this band so good. Sounds like a classic in the making. This is my most anticipated album of the year. Comes out June 8.

Other recent musical purchases:

Zeromancer - The Death of Romance: Industrial rock band from Norway return with their 5th album. This one only took a year to come out, but that's only because last years album was finished before the band took a very long 5 year hiatus to work on other shit. This album is actually better then that one. it has more aggression, better structured songs. It still isn't as good as their highlight album thus far, 2002's Eurotrash, but it's a good one none the less.
Album Picks: Revengefuck, The Death of Romance, V, Industry People

De/Vision - Popgefahr: German electro-pop band. Think Depeche Mode, with far less gloom, and not so deep vocals. This is probably the best, and most accessible album I've heard from this duo. The album has some very danceable songs with great chorus hooks, some more melodic stuff that resonates, and just some overall catchy synth based pop influenced songs.
Album Picks: Rage, Mandroids, Time to Be Alive, Be a Light to Yourself

Oomph! - Truth or Dare: German based rock band with industrial flourishes. This bad has actually been around longer then Rammstein, and a big hit in Germany. They started out as a more synth based band, and over the years have become a hard rock act. Typically, they sing in German. This album however, collects songs from the past 4 albums, and translates them all into english. This is actually their first major label U.S. release. Essentially a greatest hits collection. The english re-workings are actually quite good and enjoyable! It's nice to sing along to some of these songs, as they have very catchy choruses. Nowhere near as dark and aggressive as Rammstein, this CD might actually help them get some recognition over here in the states.
Album picks: Labyrinth, God is a Popstar, Song of Death, True Beauty is So Painful

In Strict Confidence - La Parade Monstrueuse: German industrial-darkwave rock band. This is their first album in 4 years, and easily their best. Definitely the most accessible, with heavy focus on song structure. There is also a much heavier use of guitar on this album than there was on previous albums. It pays off I think. Probably rank this as the third best album I have heard so far this year.
Album Picks: Set Me Free, My Despair, Ewage Nacht, Silver Bullets

Hybrid - Disappear Here: Finally a new one from Hybrid! This album is nowhere near as gloomy and dark as the pervious two. Actually a bit more upbeat, somewhat faster paced. Possibly the inclusion of a fulltime female vocalist/songwriter has added that element. Gonna have to listen to this one a few more times before I can properly rank it, but it doesn't beat my favorite hybrid album, Morning Sci-Fi.
Album Picks: Break My Soul, Formula of Fear, Can You Hear Me, Original Sin

X-Marks the Pedwalk - Inner Zone Journey: Synth based elecrto band. Basically a return album after the band disbanded over a decade ago. Very dancy stuff here, some ethereal sounding electronica songs, a nice collection of stuff that isn't entirely new, but still enjoyable and fun.
Album Picks: Seventeen, Obscure Reason, Human Scientists, Runaway

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Friday, April 9th, 2010

Time:3:12 am.
Mood: awake.
Two fantasy pictures in one weekend! One far better then the other, but both great and worth watching.

Clash of the Titans: (A-) - The remake of Clash of the Titans ends up being pretty much on par with the original. Both share an equal amount of great qualities and flaws. This one has a better linear storyline, far better effects, and better action. It's clearly an updated version. The ending is off though, as it seems to be all set up for a possible sequel instead of staying as its own singular film. Still, if your a fan of the original i cannot possibly fathom why you wouldn't like this new one unless your a purist fag with a hard on for nostalgia. The original wasn't anywhere near perfect. neither is this one. They are however great fantasy flicks that are extremely enjoyable and watchable. Recommended

How to Train Your Dragon: (A+) - Finally, Dreamworks Animation delivers a movie that is up to par with Pixar movies. You will find no more a charming, engrossing, and beautiful movie out right now than How to Train your Dragon. A flat out fantasy movie designed to entertain everyone in the family. The film doesn't flaunt morals at the audience or play stupid towards kids. It keeps a very basic, not necessarily adult or childish theme and tone throughout. It also skews rather dark and intense at times, which might frighten some of the younger kids. But everyone else should be completely entertained, and touched by the film. The visuals are also stunning to behold. I mean that. Stunning. This is a film that knows how to use 3D. Nothing flying in your face. like Avatar, it used to magnify the backgrounds, so you feel engrossed in what your watching. This is a fantastic movie. A brilliant fantasy movie anyone can get into. It's easily the best thing playing in theaters right now. A must see.
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Friday, March 19th, 2010

Subject:Movie review round up!
Time:2:05 am.
Mood: calm.

Alice in Wonderland (C): Tim Burton directs what can pretty much be called a sequel to the original Alice in Wonderland, with Alice, now a 19 year old retuning to Wonderland and learning to become comfortable with who she is while facing off with her destiny. Sounds good on paper, but unfortunately the heart of the movie simply isn't there. The visuals of the movie are stunning. Burton's imagination is on mass overload, and Wonderland looks stunning. However you never get to take in the awe inspiring vistas as the movie rushes through.. the characters are mostly rough sketches with no real depth or outline, so you never get a true emotional connection to any of them. The sole exception is Helena Bonham Carter, who is absolutely brilliant as the Red Queen. She easily steals the entire movie. As Alice grows into who she is, it feels more like just playing through the motions rather then being earned. Johnny Depp turns up loony an extra notch to play the Mad Hatter, but unfortunately his accent is so thick, and it actually switches between Scottish and British on a whim, that he becomes difficult to understand. I actually barelyy understood anything he said. I actually wished there were subtitles on every time he showed up. Movie also feels a tad bit rushed, and the epic climax at the end doesn't feel so epic at all. Still, it's watchable. You'll get some entertainment out of it, then immediately forget it once it's over.

Capitalism: A Love Story (A): Latest documentary from Michael Moore may also be his angriest. Moore lashes out vehemently at Wall Street and the corporate fat cats who nearly destroyed this country, and continue to get away with it. Moore does an excellent job is setting up what they did, how they did it, and how potentially they can KEEP on doing it. He's never been this judgmental before, but you understand where he is coming from given the topic. Only slight complaint I had with the film is that, for being over 2 hours, it feels rushed. This isn't his fault though. This was such a HUGE mess on such an epic level, you could easily fill 4 hours worth of material explaining it and showing the ramifications of it all. Moore focuses on the barest of facts and basically calls people out to stand against corporate greed. He also takes a jab at the bank bailout, which for all it's horror, has actually managed to work in stabilizing the stock market. Though Moore is right to bash it for not having a SINGLE piece of regulation in it. This is a must see for any fan of Moore's, and for anyone who wants to watch a little venting towards the sick greedy assholes who nearly destroyed this country with a smile on their faces.

The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (B-) - Over the top, poorly directed, poorly acted, cheesy, terribly written, exaggerated to no end......exactly what it should have been. This obviously is NOT a good movie at all. Neither was the first one. But it knows it isn't any good, it knows it's extremely over the top. And that's the entire point. A little violent fantasy never hurt anyone! I did find this one a lot funnier then the first one, though it does lack Willem Dafoe's brilliant character. Basically, if you like the first one, you will like this one, and should see it right away.

Up In The Air (B): Where to start with this one. First off I'll say the movie is absolutely worth seeing. It's a near masterpiece, but far too many flaws keep it from being so. The movie is about a man who works for a company who loans people out to businesses so they can do the job of firing employees on behalf of that companies chicken shit boss. George Clooney plays the key role. He's a man content with his life, flying all across the country. He has one goal in mind. Acquiring ten million frequent flyer miles. He's a man who is his job, and he is devoid of any actual human connections. And he's happy that way. The first hour of the movie is classic. We see how his routine is, how he deals with others, and his interactions with a new addition to the company, a scene stealing and brilliant Ana Kendrick, an actress from the Twilight series of all things, she nearly steals the entire film. She plays a fresh faced college grad who has an idea to eliminate Clooney's characters job, having people get fired over the Internet instead of in person. This threatens his goal of ten million frequent flyer miles, so he protests. Their boss, played by Jason Batemen, sends then out on the road together, mainly so he can teach her the ropes. Their interactions are great. Along with this there is also another character, a woman who Clooney meets and has some occasional sex with, who is also constantly on business trips. The three characters are all great, charming, and you enjoy watching them. This leads to an endlessly entertaining first hour of the film. Unfortunately, in the second hour, it goes downhill. The quirkiness stops and makes way for the exploration of what happens to someone when they don't actually have any human connection to anyone. Essentially the romance aspect of the film starts here, and it literally drags down the movie to where it ALMOST becomes Lost in Translation, with nothing of actual important happening on the screen. The movie is almost derailed entirely because of this. Some late minute, unexpected revelations happen towards the end though which throw a wrench into everything, and takes the movie toward an unexpected direction. This saves the second hour. The ending is also a real downer. Another problem: the movie's message is hypocritical. There are some big SPOILERS HERE , so if you don't want to know anymore, STOP READING RIGHT NOW, and we can discuss it after you watch. Don't say I didn't warn you. In the end, George Clooney's character is essentially left with nothing. He falls for that woman, ends up wanting a life with her, an emotional connection. After swearing this off the entire movie, and even being ridiculed for it at one point, the woman ends up NOT being what she was pretending to be, and he cannot be with her. So he is left with nothing. He does get to go back on the road though, which is where he was originally happy. But he is no longer happy with it. He now realizes how futile it is, and how empty his life is. In other words, the movie says "Oh don't be single or else you cannot be happy!" That's bullshit. His character was perfectly content with his life until it was shoved into his head that he NEEDED someone. And then when he made the effort to be with someone, he got screwed over completely. So is the movie punishing him for being alone for so long, or empathizing with him? Looked to me like punishment. Why should he be punished when he was in a no win situation. It wasn't his fault the woman was full of shit. He tried to do right by the movie's standards only to get fucked over. So what's the message here? You cant be happy alone? Or life will fuck you over anyway so why bother? I didn't get that. Can't punish a person for actually trying. It was at least realistic. But it would have been better served taking a more non judgmental tone. Regardless, the movie does manage to linger in your thoughts, and is open to discussion. I give it credit for that. It's worth watching.
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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I am CONSTANTLY reminded of why I am single, and WHY I am better off being that way. My patience with humanity, and the idiots who inhabit the earth is way past the point of tolerance. My indifference to others stems from the result of many years of anger, putting up with shit, trying too hard, observing stupidity of others. Letting go of all of that has made me calmer, and more content with myself. And while I'll always have those who tell me being apathetic and cynical is a bad thing, I tell them show me the proof that it isn't. I am still waiting. All I ever see are delusions, disappointments, and embarrassments. I wont lower my standards for the sake of something. I REFUSE to do so. If that means I am alone rest of my life, fine with me. I am past the point of caring or even complaining. I will not settle for something that is only slightly less then good just for the sake of doing so. Better things to do.

On a side note, a few key rules for people: 1) Don't open your dumb fucking mouth if you have NO idea of what your talking about and surely don't get pissed at someone for telling you WHY your full of shit and don't know what your talking about. 2) If you can't stand the heat, don't get into the discussion. Especially with someone who is abrasive and will stand his/her ground on their opinion and points. 3) If your the type of person who gets offended over trivialities, enough to part with someone, shoot yourself in the head. Because your life will be made up of nothing other then arguments with someone, anyone, about anything at anytime. You don't deserve to be tolerated. I sure as shit WILL kick you to the curb in that very instant.

Nothing has been lost. Bring on the only thing worth giving a shit about this year: God of War 3.
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Subject:New in music.
Time:2:33 am.
Mood: excited.
Today, I give a rundown on what is one of the very best underground electronic acts around today, Mind.In.A.Box., whose new album, RETRO, just came out.

Since you have likely not heard of this band, let me give you a rundown of their history before I review the new album which just came otu today. Mind In A Box is an Austrian band who was formed in the year 2000 by child hood friends Stefan Poiss and Markus Hadwiger. Before working on music, they worked developing computer games. They started making music when Stefan got the idea to take some of the sound designs they would use on their work towards games and develop it further to create full fledged songs. Both being big sci-fi lovers, they incorporated that into their style as well. In 2004, their debut album Lost Alone was released. The band's music is what is termed "technopop" which is essentially a blend of progressive trance, cyber punk, and future pop. The debut proved a huge success in the underground industrial scene. Even then the sound was something new and fresh. An odd mix of electronic styles that seemed to beckon the future. The lyrics were also something unique. Instead of singing about anything at random, the lyrics focused on a cohesive storyline, about a man named Black who awakens with no memory of himself and tries to piece his together what has happened in his life. Oddly enough, if you take the songs by themselves, out of context of a storyline, they work just as well. The meanings ranging from topics such as isolation and paranoia. Here's a sample from that album:

This was followed up in 2005 by the album Dreamweb, which continued the story of Black. This album continues the sound found on the first album, but songs were much more layered, and far more sporadic in texture. There were hints of chaos thrown in. They started to gain a much bigger fan base after the release of this album. Sample:

The third album, Crossroads, was nothing short of a masterpiece. An album so densely layered, so perfectly pieced together, so well done, it actually felt like something taken from the future and brought back to modern time. A lot of bands put out albums and they feel like they are reaching toward a specific, desired sound. Something they are trying to reach. A perfect style. So they experiment and keep trying new tricks. Its what makes new albums worth checking out. Either a band keeps getting better and better, or they settle on a sound and keep it going, or they over reach and stumble. Mind.In.A.Box actually did something different. This album played as if they had found their desired sound and style 8 albums ago and were now just firing on all cylinders. It's as if the band went into the future, took their 10th album, and brought it all the way back here to make it their third album instead. They not only found their footing and desired sound, they surpassed the shit out of it. No album, no band, sounds like anything resembling what you hear on this third album. It's an album that feels as if it is too far ahead of it's time, and will still feel fresh in 8 years. Something that other bands should have to catch up to. It left fans speechless. It took me more then a couple of listens to actually take in this album. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, there was so much going on in each song. It was almost too much to take. i still hear new things when I listen to it. It was easily one of the best things released during that decade. Sample:

After this album, I couldn't possibly imagine what the band would do next. Other then continue the story of Black of course. the band started to actually play live shows for the first time last year. That's how dense their sound is. Before then, they didn't have the affordability or equipment to produce their songs in a live setting. they've figured it out now though. Doubt they'll ever play this country, but live recordings are all over youtube.

Towards the end of last year, they finally announced details for their new album, titled RETRO. The description disappointed me at first. Band member Markus, for the hell of it, had taken to remaking some theme songs from some of his favorite games from the Commodore 64 game system. Stefan liked these so much, he thought they should elaborate on these, and form the next album around them. Essentially, the new album formed out of a tangent. Not only that, they were going to specifically tone down their sound in orde to make the album seem like a full on throwback to 80's technology. They were purposely going backwards! I was a disappointed that they wouldn't pick up where Crossroads left off, and instead where going in an extremely odd, backwards type of direction. Including some of these Commodore 64 remakes on the album as well. It seemed like an unnecessary change and break from what was developed with Crossroads.

And so I have the album now, and have fully listened to it, and well shit. Color me absolutely amazed. This band, with this album, has proven without a shadow of a doubt they are actually THE most unique underground electronic act around, at least as far as I am concerned.

Yes, it is a tangent album. It has nothing to do with the themes of the three previous albums. The album is essentially a love letter towards the Commodore 64 and the music behind the games the group members grew up with. Games such as The Last Ninja and Lightforce, both have their theme songs redone for this album. The album is a throwback towards the 80's but it isn't done using ONLY equipment found in that time period. Instead. it takes those sounds, that equipment, and surrounds them with today's technology. The result of an amalgamation of past and distant future. The music is obviously different in tone and style from what they have done before, but only to a point. It's unmistakably a Mind.In.A.Box album They manage to make outdated equipment and noises seem brand new and relevant. Most of the songs on here are also flat out instrumentals, as if to push the point further that the sounds of old are the star of the show. Where as the previous three albums were a sci-fi nerds musical dream come true, this new one is for gamers with memories of the 80's.

This is an obvious one off album, and a duplicate of this would never work. The band said what they wanted to say with this one. The next album is supposed to pick back up again after Crossroads. But seing that this band could pull off with an album that drops the majority of their style for a more stripped down, backwards leaning sound, making it look fresh, relevant and somehow completely original and new, I actually fear what they will pull off next. It's almost scary how effortless it seems for this band to pull this shit off.

RETRO lives up to its name and then some. An album dedicated to the past that still manages to sound brand new and original. The fact that I was expecting a full on throw away album, and have been left utterly speechless speaks volumes. Mind.In.A.Box deserve far more attention then they have gotten. This album, actually manages to be the most accessible thing they have ever done, and I expect it to get them some of that attention. It's the best thing released thus far in 2010, matched only by the new Fear Factory. A masterpiece.

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